Caleb Asher and Sprout Communications

Our Team at Architect One is honored to have recently completed a comprehensive makeover of a Downtown Topeka, Kansas building for our friends and neighbors Caleb Asher and Sprout Communications, LLC.

As a full-service marketing agency, Caleb and his team called on us to help identify the most practical use of their workspace while maintaining its original integrity. As the son of hardware merchants, it was important to Caleb to take advantage of the space's elements. Our Team worked closely with Caleb to explore many opportunities posed by the vintage storefront building, including exposing original wood and stone structure, and refurbishing wood floors and windows to reinforce its natural feel.


We caught up with Caleb recently and asked him about growing up in a family business and how that was an inspiration in his new project.

AO: What memories do you have of old buildings in the small town where you grew up?

Caleb: My parents owned a hardware store in town, and by "hardware store" - it was called the Trading Post, and it was an everything store. You could get home goods, toys at Christmas time, seeds in the spring, hunting licenses at different times of the year, and tools...everything! It was a town of 1,000 so between the grocery store and my family's store, that's where you got a lot of stuff. It was in an old building, and frankly that's where my brother, my sisters, and I grew up playing. It was like a second home to us. There's something comfortable about this space for me too. In fact, I've got the old bell that was on the entry door of that business. *stands up and rings bell* At some point that will be on (Sprout's) door as a throwback to my family and them having their own little business too.

Caleb: As you get older, you don't always need your mom and dad like you do when you're younger. This was one of those spaces that, as we were finishing it out, I needed my dad. Even though he's (only) a couple hours away, it wasn't easy. I really cherish being able to work on the space with him. Now when I look around, I think "we did that." There are so many talented folks in town that could have, but to me it's special that the finishing touches, at least, my dad and I got to do together.

Stay tuned for a future post that shows off their great workspace at 728 S Kansas Ave!


Teal Lundy