Champion for Passion - Cassandra Taylor


Architect One is honored to have an amazing team, who not only think creatively, but live it out away from the workplace! Striving for improvement is a trait we all share, something that our partner Cassandra also understands through her passion for powerlifting. We slowed Cassandra down, if just for a minute, to hear her passion about Architect One, and what she loves about her chosen sport!

Cassandra: "My daily experience at AO varies greatly, and that is what I love about my job. Some days I may be drawing details, presenting to clients, and meeting with contractors. Other days I may be sketching by hand, reviewing contracts, and coordinating installation details with sub-contractors. I like being kept on my toes, and the field of architecture is very good at doing just that."

"We have identified several core values at Architect One. I’m happy to be the champion for "Passion". I find myself to be quite passionate about all the work we do at AO - about doing the best we can for our clients, about finding the best solution to the problem, about designing a project that will perform well for the end user, and about being at a company that works hard and also knows how to have fun. As a color and design expert with an eye for detail, I also find a unique quality to be my ability to interpret the client’s thoughts and intentions into a cohesive design that will serve them for years to come."

"I happened into powerlifting very unintentionally. My sister convinced me to come check out this new gym she was going to. It was half exercise racing, half power (and weight) lifting. She was doing the exercise racing side. I liked the challenge, but it was something I could never excel at doing. During the process I did discover strength as an innate ability of mine. After about six months my coach’s wife convinced me to sign up for a powerlifting competition with her. I trained for 12 weeks and I was hooked after the first lift in front of the judges."


Teal Lundy